About us

Cakey Candles is a small business based in New York owned and operated by Catherine Ortiz (also known as Cakey). We are dedicated to giving you a quality product that will light up your home with some of your favorite sweet smells.

Cakey Candles are hand poured in small batches with an all natural soybean wax, an all natural cotton wick, high quality fragrance oils and quality color dyes(by choice). Our candles our non-toxic, completely lead and zinc free making it safe to burn in your home. 

Our Soy candles burn cleaner and longer than other waxes. Our candles are all 9oz and burn for 40-50 hours. Soy wax comes from soybean oil and is a renewable resource grown by American Farmers. We only use fragrances of the highest quality(Phthalate Free). Our heavily scented soy candles offer a room-filling fragrance without the black soot and smoke that comes from paraffin candles. 

We believe in making sustainable eco-friendly candles that are better for you and your environment. Our mission is to provide the healthiest, best scented, best performing candle available. Our passion is to help you turn your home into a place of total comfort, relaxation, tranquility & happiness. We are glad you are here and we welcome you to Cakey Candles!

About Cakey

     Cakey is not your typical around the way girl. She is a passionate, warm-hearted, ambitious 23 year old from Newburgh, New York; Where she spent most of her years before being moved around. Cakey has overcame many obstacles in her life but her strong-minded, resilient approach to navigating through difficult circumstances has positioned her as a great role model for youth all over.

     Cakey is a freelance model and an aspiring actress making her way to greatness. As Cakey gets older she has been changing her life around for the better and has became an entrepreneur. In training to becoming an inspirational speaker she hopes to touch your lives in a positive way and inspire you through her life experiences to not make the same decisions she has made. She wants to encourage you to be the best version of yourself while helping others along the way. 

     A fun fact, Cakey never would have thought she would be operating a soy candle business for that was never her interest. Her candle journey ignited through the craving of wanting to be an entrepreneur and began in September of 2017. Through all of Cakeys obstacles she never lost her faith in God. After lots of Praying, Grace and Favor she was blessed with the candle making idea. Once she had the idea she began to do research and conducted many studies to make the best product she can. Cakey candle prides itself on customer satisfaction providing you with a great product you can enjoy.